Saturday, August 1, 2015


What I feel you need to or might like to know before beginning art classes with me.

I teach out of my home. Please respect it as such. Please also respect my neighbors and do not block traffic on the street.

I am adamant that students do not make fun of other's art work. Understanding the nature of children I will remind them this is unacceptable behavior and redirect them. If it is an ongoing issue and the offending student continues to belittle or mock other's artwork that student will be dropped from the class.

I do own pets. We have a short haired cat and a dog that is a Shorkie and Jack Russell mix. He weighs about six pounds. They are current on their shots. I can remove them from the area where we will be having our class if this is a problem.  If you are your student suffer from allergies, this may be an issue for you depending on the severity of your allergies. My home is not carpeted.

I do not smoke in my home.

Though rare, younger students have had melt downs (such is the way of 3 year olds!). Usually I ask a student who cries because they miss their parent, is angry someone else took THE red marker, or just refuses to participate in the day's lesson to sit on the couch (in the same room) and wait until the other students are set up so I can help them call their parents. Never has a child wanted to sit on the couch long enough to make a phone call. This has happened very rarely and the child always came back to the group quickly to participate.

Art can be messy. Kids can be messy. Here we're playing with both! If you need to take your child some where directly before or after class where they need to look especially sharp (eg: no marker or paint stains on hands) keep this in mind. I do have aprons for students to use, but sometimes Murphy's Law comes into play and children amaze you with an accidental mess you never thought possible.


What size are your classes?
As small as 1 and up to 13, but usually about 4 kids. 

What ages do you teach?
Children of all ages can and should be exposed to art. I have taught children as young as 2 years old. My "Art for Littles" class is usually ages 3-5. I also teach teens.

Do you teach adults?
It depends on the adult and what they want to learn. If you are interested in learning paper making, pottery, altered books, art journals, collage, basics of drawing, basics of art principles and elements, then yes. If you want to be able to learn watercolor or oil painting step by step a la Bob Ross, then no.

Can I stay for my child's class?
Usually, no.  I have found children tend to be less focused, less respectful of me as an authority figure and more focused on parental approval when parents stay for class. If this is an issue for you or your child and you feel they need your presence, please contact me so we can discuss the situation further. 

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Usually, yes. Details will be in the post for the class.

Does the cost of the class include supplies?
Usually, yes.  Details will be in the post for the class.

Are you a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)?
 No. No. I am not. I do teach zentangle, but I think being certified in a doodling technique is a bit, well, ridiculous.

Do you do portraits?

Do you do pet portraits?

Why not?
I simply do not enjoy it.

Do you do commissioned work?
     Yes, but not traditional portraits.

Summer Art Classes

                     August 2015 Class Schedule

Monday           Tuesday      Wednesday       Thursday     Friday
 9-10 am          1-2 pm        1-2 pm               2-3 pm        9-10 am
10:30-11:30     3-4 pm        3-4 pm               4-5 pm       10:30-11:30
                         5-6 pm       4:30 -5:30          6-7 pm

Classes are one hour each week. Each class will be a brief introduction to one of the following, not necessarily in the order listed:

Paper Making 
How to make paper pulp and turn it into paper. This can get messy. I usually prefer to teach this outside. Paper will need time to dry and will be taken home next class.

Action Painting 
Outdoor painting, Jackson Pollock style. You do not want your children wearing nice sandals! Flip flops or bare feet are best for this activity. Artwork will come home the following week if it isn't dry by end of class.  *Older students may also have this class, but if they feel it will be boring for them there will be an alternate class available.

Watercolor Painting 
Proper brush techniques, wax resist, etc. This will not be a landscape painting class. We will focus on different ways to use watercolor, not in producing an end product. Students will take their work home with them if it is dry by the end of class.  

Color Theory 
Learning primary and how to mix secondary colors, what warm and cool colors are, etc. Students will bring home their work.


$45 per student. Includes supplies.
$10 sibling discount for one sibling, then 60 % discount for each successive sibling

Ready to sign up? Reply here or, even better, send an email to

1. Tell me which day you would like:                                  
    Mondays: August *10th, 17th, 24th, 31st   *begins 2nd Monday
    Tuesdays: August 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
    Wednesdays: August 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th
    Thursdays: August 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th                            
    Fridays: August 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

2. Pick which hour you'd like.
3. Pick an alternate class in case your first choice class is filled.
4. List the names and ages of children who will be attending each class.

I will email you a confirmation within 24 hours. 
I'm looking forward to meeting you and creating with you!