Saturday, August 1, 2015


What I feel you need to or might like to know before beginning art classes with me.

I teach out of my home. Please respect it as such. Please also respect my neighbors and do not block traffic on the street.

I am adamant that students do not make fun of other's art work. Understanding the nature of children I will remind them this is unacceptable behavior and redirect them. If it is an ongoing issue and the offending student continues to belittle or mock other's artwork that student will be dropped from the class.

I do own pets. We have a short haired cat and a dog that is a Shorkie and Jack Russell mix. He weighs about six pounds. They are current on their shots. I can remove them from the area where we will be having our class if this is a problem.  If you are your student suffer from allergies, this may be an issue for you depending on the severity of your allergies. My home is not carpeted.

I do not smoke in my home.

Though rare, younger students have had melt downs (such is the way of 3 year olds!). Usually I ask a student who cries because they miss their parent, is angry someone else took THE red marker, or just refuses to participate in the day's lesson to sit on the couch (in the same room) and wait until the other students are set up so I can help them call their parents. Never has a child wanted to sit on the couch long enough to make a phone call. This has happened very rarely and the child always came back to the group quickly to participate.

Art can be messy. Kids can be messy. Here we're playing with both! If you need to take your child some where directly before or after class where they need to look especially sharp (eg: no marker or paint stains on hands) keep this in mind. I do have aprons for students to use, but sometimes Murphy's Law comes into play and children amaze you with an accidental mess you never thought possible.

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